Digital Photograph Masterclass

sayyy whhhatt?!!

Thats right, I am thrilled to have made our first ever master class happen, of course I am not the only one that brought this all together…  so here is a look behind the scenes.

Meet Our Team:

In order from left – Bron Flutterby, Jacqui Seymour, Rachael Kennedy, Darren Clarke.



I am delighted to have hosted our first ever Digital Photography Masterclass’ with my co host Darren Clarke

What a team we have, Jacqui Seymour aka  Jacstarstudio, our Model Rachael… it all came together! We couldn’t have asked for a better turn out, our participants .. well all FANTASTIC achieving extraordinary portraits!
We explored portrait photography, with continuous and off camera flash lighting techniques. Bringing it all to life with an array of dress ups, and introducing a light meter.
Thank you for all who were part of yesterdays workshop, I am so pleased you all had a great time!!!
Thank you to The Basin Community House for having us .. we transformed the front room!


Bron Flutterby x Jacstarstudio


Bron Flutterby x Rachael K



‘I have a question’



Off Camera Flash 


‘This is how you do it’


Lee Baker





Then .. this is what happens when we were packing up, we could not help it …!

Darren has quite the array of the most unusual props .. and masks ..!!

Just in time for Halloween… ohhhh a but spooky and creepy, just they way we like it!




Lee Baker x Darren Clarke 



‘Step Brothers’ 


‘I have a story to tell’



I am a HUGE Cindy Sherman Fan .. and this is just what happened…!


‘Clown Style’ Shot by Lee Bake


Darren, Bron and participant Lee Baker

Props to Darren for bring all the props …!!  Seeing the day was a success, we will for sure hold another portrait masterclass in the near future, so stay tuned!

Thank you all who were part of the day, it was EXCELLENT!! I am so proud to see you get great portraits!

Here are some of Darren’s Photos – while we got the chance!


Photo of Bron by D. Clarke Photography


Photo of Bron by D. Clarke’s Photography

My Alter Ego!


Photo of Bron by D. Clarke’s Photography


Photo of Bron by: D.Clarke’s Photography


Bron Flutterby

Tip Toe Through The Tulips @ Tesselaar Tulip Festival

Spring is here .. well here in Melbourne it is a very wet spring, but the sun was out the other day so I went along to see the magnificent display of Tulips.

As far as the eye can see .. rows and rows!

Tesselaar Tulip Festival

And the colour ….

tesselaar tulip festival

This year marks the 63rd Annual Tulip Festival at Tesselaar 

Located in Silvan, not far from Melbourne in the Dandenong Ranges, Victoria.

This is not my first visit to the festival, I enjoying visiting there especially for the poffertjes! (Dutch Panckes)

photo curtesy of google  I ate mine to quick to get a snap …!


There is a whole lot of activities and entertainment, a good family day out especially during the school holidays.

I was lucky to acquire a new lens .. a Canon EF 75 – 300mm Zoom!

So off I went, and tip toed through the tulips

Here is the video I made with the colourful images I took on the day. What a way to show off the colour and the displays!

Thank you Tesselaar for putting on such a brilliant show!


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A Winter Night in Melbourne ~ Night Photography Excursion

Learn Digital Photography Part 4 – Night Excursion to Melbourne Sunday 21st August 2016.

Check out the night by watching this video, and subscribe to my tube tube channel if you like..

We are quite an adventurous bunch. Yes the weather in Melbourne can change every five minutes, as we already had this date booked for our outing.

Rain, Rain brrr cold, but we did it anyway.. we travelled to Melbourne for a shoot, all the way from The Basin Community House.

I have always wanted to get out in the rain and shoot, usually it is a deterrent, but in this case, well the rain really played a role in the spectacular photos we got!

Rain, Hail or Shine!!

First thing is first … coffee.

We were all set now for our adventure!

Here is the group – Photo By: Sandy P.


Ready, Set GO!   Look at the reflections!

Photo By: Anne G

Photo By: Anne G

And we were off!!

Look — Its a lady wearing a strawberry hat! Hang on .. that’s me!  Cheers Marisa for the photo, its so colourful!

I have always wanted to do a night shoot in Melbourne, so I am so impressed with my results!

Melbourne, we love you!

So the 8 of us all dispersed as we found so many interesting photos to take. We made our way from Southgate, past Crown Casio continued on to the Melbourne Convention Centre  until me landed at the Webb Bridge, Docklands.

Spectacular! The Rain really set things off, the reflections.. well absolutely beautiful.

My passion for photography and teaching will never diminish… nights like this is a true pleasure!!

Thank you all who came out on Sunday night, a wintery one at that!

It was worth it for the results.

Thank you for viewing

Bron signing out.

Bron Flutterby

Go Along with the Flow, Melbourne

Digital Photography Part 2 Excursion to Flinders Street, Melbourne with Bron Flutterby

25th June 2016

What an adventure!

The first time I took this bunch out for an excursion the destination – Flinders Street.

I have always loved Melbourne, it is such a buzzing place each time I visit.

How exciting for my class to venture out from The Basin Community House, together as a group. Impressed they were as they longed for an outing with the purpose just to take photos.

I have so many great photos from the day. The class had a ‘Scavenger Hunt’ to complete, and applied their new skill sets and perceptive’s learnt during the course so far.

This time my mission -I started off just with the 55mm Kit Lens and my Canon 60D  – then decided to go  with the ‘Nifty 50’ mm Canon Lens – so the challenge for me was the composition as I am so used to my Zoom lens.

Ideas- they seem to just happen. I got down low for many of the photo’s which you will see – from a different point of view.

Time for my photography class to put into action what they have learnt so far –

Shutter Speed, Aperture, Composition, Black & White, Reflections, Texture & Patterns, Light Behaviour.

So much excitement in the air as the class was eagerly taking photos of all the surrounds.

I was happy with so many photo’s, and I am sharing my experience with you, through the eyes of Bron Flutterby.






Learn with Bron Flutterby


Bron Flutterby, Teaches Digital Photography and Photoshop Short Courses.

Digital Photography Basics Part 1, 2, 3 &  and by popular demand Part 4!

Photoshop Basics Part 1 & 2

The Short Courses are very affordable and attracts all sorts of individuals, from young budding photographers, small business owners, hobbyists,  and semi and retired enthusiasts – and those who just want to learn how to operate their digital camera’s just to name a few!

bron flutterby



Thanks Jan for the snap – taken while the students learn how to use their built in flash.

Jan is currently participating in Digital Photography Part 2 and is looking forward to Part 3 next Term.

Massive thanks to everybody at The Basin Community House. A lot of  hard work happens behind the scenes to make these short courses possible.  A fantastic facility supporting the local community.

These Short Courses run over 8 weeks and are very popular, meeting the demand in the local community – being the outer eastern suburbs of Melbourne and Dandenong Ranges, Vic.

Chow for now, B signing out.



CREEP – Bastian Killjoy -Music Video #GollyGosh

I am delighted to bring to you the freshness –

‘Creep’ Music Video is single release of the upcoming album ‘Golly Gosh.’

Bastian Killjoy is a producer, emcee and soul creator his next album which will be released in July 2016.

This independent music video started as an idea, being the 6th Film clip I have co directed and produced the challenge being to make it even better than the ones before!

About the house ..this is what we came up with .. Make sure your speakers are turned up!

I really enjoyed the whole process with this music video, it was fun to try out some special effects tricks in Adobe After Effects.

‘The rapturous Melbourne based producer/ emcee has modelled his latest works around his earliest Hip Hop, Rap and R&B influences, many being from the early 90’s. With production styles that recognise artists of the 70’s and 80’s, in a time when musician’s recorded/ produced and mixed their albums, utilising their own skills. Which is precisely what Bastian has done with his latest masterpiece ‘Golly Gosh’ entirely produced by himself.’

To find out more follow the link:  Bastian Killjoy Album ‘Golly Gosh’ Out July

Bastian Killjoy

golly gosh


Fly High Flutterby’s, spread your wings and FLY!

I am so proud!

Congratulations to you all who have completed Digital Photography Part 1 this Term!
You have all worked extremely hard to apply your new skill set, and I am so blessed to be part of your journey so far.
Fly High Flutterby’s, spread your wings and FLY!

This is one of my groups that have completed their Digital Photography Part 1 Short Course

At:  The Basin Community House.

I am looking forward to seeing more of you in Part 2 of the course, of course.

learn with Bron FLutterby

Welcome to the visual world!

This set of Short Courses is ACFE PRE ACCREDITED 

Pre-accredited programs are short modular courses designed for learners to gain confidence and skills. They focus on creating pathways to nationally accredited training or employment.

Supported by Learn Local

Learn Local organisations across Victoria offer a range of education and training programs designed to meet your learning needs. There’s a government registered Learn Local in your community that can help you return to study, improve your reading, writing and maths skills, gain a qualification, get a job or learn something new

Hosted By: Bron Flutterby – Director at Flutterby Creative Multimedia


Bron Flutterby

Reflections & Transparency


As time passes so quickly, I realise it has been a little while since I have posted.

It is because I have been so busy this term .. I reflect …

I have had 35+  students per week this term, eagerly learning how to use their camera’s and the art of photography.

– I will break it down –

2 x Digital Photography Basics Part 1  (20 new beginners)

1 x Digital Photography Part 2 Class

1 x Photoshop Basics Part 1 Class

Total – 4 Classes.

It had been thrilling to say the least to see all of you come a long way – your learning and application of new skills has been admirable!

I am glad my enthusiasm and passion rubs off on you all – this is turn is very heart warming for me 🙂

I have a lot more to post, and a lot more to write about – there is so many exciting things happening!

Here are some photos taken during the class just last week, as out topic was Reflections & Transparency, always a favourite of mine, as we notice all the little things – the visual world unfolds for all the flutterby’s!

Bron Flutterby

Skyhigh with Bron Flutterby

Last night, I took a couple of my Digital Photography students up to the top of Mt. Dandenong. Skyhigh Observatory , and these are the photos. They have not been at all adjusted, just resized for web.

This is the view …

So many timesI have visited this spot, as it is very local to where I live in The Dandenog Ranges.

Every time I visit, I experience so many different weather conditions, the city stays the same, but it is the weather that really plays a role in creating amazing night views.

Thanks for viewing,


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