A Winter Night in Melbourne ~ Night Photography Excursion

Learn Digital Photography Part 4 – Night Excursion to Melbourne Sunday 21st August 2016.

Check out the night by watching this video, and subscribe to my tube tube channel if you like..

We are quite an adventurous bunch. Yes the weather in Melbourne can change every five minutes, as we already had this date booked for our outing.

Rain, Rain brrr cold, but we did it anyway.. we travelled to Melbourne for a shoot, all the way from The Basin Community House.

I have always wanted to get out in the rain and shoot, usually it is a deterrent, but in this case, well the rain really played a role in the spectacular photos we got!

Rain, Hail or Shine!!

First thing is first … coffee.

We were all set now for our adventure!

Here is the group – Photo By: Sandy P.


Ready, Set GO!   Look at the reflections!

Photo By: Anne G

Photo By: Anne G

And we were off!!

Look — Its a lady wearing a strawberry hat! Hang on .. that’s me!  Cheers Marisa for the photo, its so colourful!

I have always wanted to do a night shoot in Melbourne, so I am so impressed with my results!

Melbourne, we love you!

So the 8 of us all dispersed as we found so many interesting photos to take. We made our way from Southgate, past Crown Casio continued on to the Melbourne Convention Centre  until me landed at the Webb Bridge, Docklands.

Spectacular! The Rain really set things off, the reflections.. well absolutely beautiful.

My passion for photography and teaching will never diminish… nights like this is a true pleasure!!

Thank you all who came out on Sunday night, a wintery one at that!

It was worth it for the results.

Thank you for viewing

Bron signing out.

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