12 Months ago, Bron had an idea. How do i manifest this? What do I have to do to have an extraordinary job? Ah, alarm bells ring. I take a step.. closer closer now she gets .. the ringing gets stronger .. she takes a dive. she manifests… the flutterby process

Extraordinary ! Extra – ordinary ! Step into a world of perceptions! Bron became a Flutterby!

Bron flutterby #flutterbycreative is a entrepreneur, starting her small business in August 2012. Bron began her workshops at local community houses , offering – Learn Digital Photography and Learn Photoshop Workshops. So far, the workshops have been a success, building momentum and awakening humans to the visual world around us. She is a visual artist / photographer with creative insight… Bron loves to use her photography, drawing, graphic design video production and special effect skills to deliver unique work.
Bron is @flutterbycreative find her page at http://www.flutterbycreative.com/
Follow the link to visit brons website, published only in August 2013.

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