Go Along with the Flow, Melbourne

Digital Photography Part 2 Excursion to Flinders Street, Melbourne with Bron Flutterby

25th June 2016

What an adventure!

The first time I took this bunch out for an excursion the destination – Flinders Street.

I have always loved Melbourne, it is such a buzzing place each time I visit.

How exciting for my class to venture out from The Basin Community House, together as a group. Impressed they were as they longed for an outing with the purpose just to take photos.

I have so many great photos from the day. The class had a ‘Scavenger Hunt’ to complete, and applied their new skill sets and perceptive’s learnt during the course so far.

This time my mission -I started off just with the 55mm Kit Lens and my Canon 60D  – then decided to go  with the ‘Nifty 50’ mm Canon Lens – so the challenge for me was the composition as I am so used to my Zoom lens.

Ideas- they seem to just happen. I got down low for many of the photo’s which you will see – from a different point of view.

Time for my photography class to put into action what they have learnt so far –

Shutter Speed, Aperture, Composition, Black & White, Reflections, Texture & Patterns, Light Behaviour.

So much excitement in the air as the class was eagerly taking photos of all the surrounds.

I was happy with so many photo’s, and I am sharing my experience with you, through the eyes of Bron Flutterby.






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